About Mother Earth Baby

My journey with cloth diapers began in 2000 when searching for ways to become more environmentally responsible with the birth of my first son Alex.  The choices at the time were very limited and my husband and I struggled to find cloth diapers that fit Alex correctly as he was a very large baby and a heavy wetter. Remember diaper pins and rubber pants? In 2002, our second child (Daniel) was born and there were a few more options but options were still limited.  In 2008 our daughter Olivia was born and we again explored cloth diapering options to support our eco-friendly lifestyle. As we began to explore cloth diapering again we noticed they had evolved quite a bit since 2000.  We found cloth diapers easy and enjoyable to use, far more than ever  before. Even our childcare provider found them easy to use (this was their first time using cloth diapers in their daycare!). This is where my passion for the modern cloth diapers began.  However, retailers for these products in our area were not available forcing us to travel quite a distance to purchase them. As I began to connect with other parents that were using cloth diapers, I found they were experiencing the same issues. It was at the moment that I decided to use my passion and create a business focused on providing cloth diapers and other natural, eco-friendly options for families. Fortunately, I had some family experience to help get me started. My grandmother, Josephine Gerwitz, opened Mother Earth Health Foods in 1969, when the idea of "natural wellness" was not very popular.  The store is currently owned and operated by my mother, Susan Hutchinson.  Forty years after my grandmother opened her store, it was time for me to take a chance, thinking that an eco-friendly, natural baby products would be a wonderful compliment to the existing Mother Earth Healh Foods.

 In 2009, Mother Earth Baby launched primarily as an on-line shop with just one shelf in my mother's store.  Well, before I knew it, one shelf turned into two and then to a wall.  Then, in 2010, we found it necessary to remodel the store to make a cloth diaper room. Also, in 2010 my forth child Samuel was barn.  In late 2011, the business expanded even further as the first stand alone "Mother Earth Baby" opened its doors in Oswego NY. This gave us the opportunity to expand some product lines to include items like breastfeeding supplies, baby carriers, feeding accessories, a diaper service and an updated website with a baby registry. I continued to maintain a "boutique" inside Mother Earth Health Foods to continue providing these great products to Syracuse and the surrounding area.  In March 2012, I transitioned from my career as a Licensed Master Social Worker after 14 years in the field working as a program manager for a program working with at-risk youth to operating the business full time.  It was a huge change for my family but one that has been very rewarding. In an effort to seek a permanent home for our growing business and our growing family, we purchased a property on 70 West Bridge Street in Oswego, NY.  More new products have been introduced such as toys, clothing, stollers, car seats and gifts plus expanded product lines in our cloth diapers, feeding accessories plus so much more!

You will continue to find great products in both North Syracuse and Oswego NY.  I am dedicated to providing the same outstanding advice, great service and quality products that my grandmother started 45 years ago and am so proud to be the third generation of women delivering these great products and service to the community.  If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Thank you for visiting!!

Lisa Emmons

Owner and Cloth Diapering Mama of 14 years (and counting!)