Got Questions?  Get Answers.


Are you looking for help navigating the wide world of natural baby products?  Have a question about a specific product you purchased from us or another company??  MEbaby can help!  Whether you live across the country or right next door, we offer you caring advice and knowledge we have gained and experienced throughout the years about cloth diapers, overall health and helping you make the right choices for your family.  Growing up with a mother who owns a health food store, I have had the opportunity to learn an enormous amount of information about health, eco-friendly living and natural products for the whole family. 


Cloth Diapering??  As a family, we have used cloth diapers on all of our 4 children over the last 12 years.  We have seen the evolution of the modern cloth diaper first-hand and in cloth diapering 4 children, we have seen it all!  The world of cloth diapers can be confusing and at times overwhelming.  While we have the answers to many common questions under our FAQ’s section of our website, chances are along the way you will have some questions that aren’t currently covered or are difficult to find on line.  Whether it’s learning the proper steps to prepping your diapers, troubleshooting washing techniques for your specific situation or picking out the right diaper for you…we can help. 


Breastfeeding??  Breastfeeding has certainly been a huge part of our lives as a family.  Of the last 13 years, 8 of those have been spent with a breastfeeding baby in the home.   We can help with anything from picking out the right nursing top, troubleshooting how to increase your supply or finding the perfect nipple cream, breastpads or other nursing accessory for the job.   


Babywearing??  We started babywearing with our first baby, Alex.  Do you have questions about what carrier is right for you?  Do you have questions about how to get the right fit?  With our extensive experience, we will be able to walk you through any concern or question you have whether you are in person or over the phone. 


Other questions??  In addition to the above mentioned categories, we can help your questions regarding laundry/cleaning products, teething, supplements, bottom balms, natural parenting strategies, and anything else that may come up along the way. 

To get your questions answered to these topics and more you may contact us in any of the following ways:


By Phone: 

  • Call us at the Oswego Shop Tuesday-Friday (10:00-5:00pm EST) and Saturday (10:00-4:00pm EST) at 315-216-4622.  We will take all the time you need to answer your questions. 
  • For urgent questions or issues, you may always contact me on my cell phone at 315-719-4498 ***Please be advised that if you contact me by cell phone, I may or may not be immediately available (we do have 4 kids), please leave a message and I will be sure to return your call.



In Person:

  • We love to see our customers.  If you live in Central New York or surrounding areas, we would love to see you!  Come look around or attend a class.  We have two locations:  Our Boutique in Mother Earth Health Foods in North Syracuse, NY or our Main Store in Oswego, NY.   We also are happy to schedule appointments at either location as needed if you are unable to stop by during store hours.