Cloth Diaper Service


Our Cloth Diaper Service is designed with many options to meet your needs. We wash our diapers on site with our very own industrial washers and dryers out of our Oswego, NY location and cover a large multi-county service area Syracuse, Rochester, Cortland, Auburn, Central Square, Baldwinsville, Camillus, Mexico, Hannibal, Dewitt, Fayettevillle, Chitteneago, Fulton, Oswego, and all points in between. We have a specialized wash routine that ensures your diapers are returned to you completely sanitized and pH balanced every week.  Our machines are serviced by Statewide Machinery and Ecolab here locally as well.  Because we wash your diapers on site, we ensure you receive the same diapers back each week.  Dirty diapers are picked up each week on a designated day and clean ones are delivered at that same time right to your door. We also have many packages and add on rental options which include wipes, diaper covers, disposable inserts, doublers and more. 

 Diaper Service


Week One- You will receive your initial delivery. Example 100 diapers along with the other add-ons and products you ordered. 
Week Two- You will receive your second delivery. Example 100 diapers and we will pick up your dirty diapers. 
Week Three- You will receive the exact count of dirty diapers picked up from week 2 and we will again pick up dirty diapers. Example - The number of dirty diapers picked up and number of clean diapers you have on hand will always equal 200. This will continue each week thereafter.


 Diaper Service


1- Give us a call so we can answer all of your questions regarding our service and what options are available to you.
2- Schedule your delivery date. If you are expecting, we can schedule your delivery date prior to the birth of your baby so they are ready for use when your baby arrives. We will begin weekly service once we are notified your baby has been born. If your baby is already here, we'll schedule a date immediately to get you started right away. 
3- We drop off your first delivery of diapers. On this day we will spend some time with you (if requested) to give you an overall tutorial on all the products and answer any additional questions you have.



We deliver your diapers in a plastic tote along with a clean wet bag. Pull the wet bag out and line your diaper pail with the wet bag.  If your baby is exclusively bottle or breastfed, there is no need to rinse or wash the diapers. Just throw your diapers into the wet bag. Once your baby begins to eat solids or stools become a bit more formed, if the stool easily comes off it is suggested to simply toss in the toilet.  This will help to reduce the odor in the diaper pail throughout the week as well.  It is not necessary to remove all stool as our machines will do the rest.  


Customers may either pre-pay at one time to receive a discount (up to 6 months) for diaper service or sign up for our auto-pay.  Pre-paid diaper service is payable in advance minimally, in 4 week increments and your credit card is charged at the end of each 4 week period for the next 4 weeks.  Prepaid diaper service is non-refundable for unused weeks.  Auto payment of diaper service can be discontinued at the end of any 4 week billing period.  We also have a new weekly option for payment through weekly bank withdrawls once the 4 week minimum is purchased.  Contact us for details.  


One week notice prior to the end of the auto pay billing cycle is required for cancelation of service.  All payments for services are non-refundable and non-transferable.  Upon termination, all rented items will be picked up on your scheduled pick-up/delvery day.  All rented items will need to be returned including diapers, diaper delivery tote, diaper pail, pail liners, wipes, diaper covers, Snappis or any other rented items from Mother Earth Baby.  Additional charged will be applied for missing items.  All pre-paid diaper service cancelled prematurely are subject to additional fees and will be handled on a case by case basis.