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Premium Cloth Diaper Service - $30/wk

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Our Full Time Premium Cloth Diaper Service with Wipes is our Basic Cloth Diaper Service PLUS Wipes and Covers...Everything you need to cloth diaper your little one.  You'll launder the covers yourself with your own laundry and we'll take care of the rest.  Simply throw the wipes in your wetbag along with your diapers each week.  There is a minimum service of 4 weeks.  Renewals are purchased in 4 week increments thereafter. There are discounts available for prepaying over 12 weeks of service at one time. If you are a new customer, a one-time set up fee is required. Click HERE to order your new customer diaper service set up.  Accessories such as Diaper Pails, Snappis and deodorant discs may be purchased as needed.   

*4 Weeks of service - $30.00/week or $120.00 

*13 Weeks of service - $27.69/week or $360.00 (1 week free)

*27 Weeks of service - $26.66/week or $720.00 (3 weeks free) 

This service includes:
*Rental of all the diapers you need for one week (100 Size 1/70 Size 2)
*Rental of 50 wipes for one week (100 wipes in your rotation) additional wipes may be added in increments of 10 week/20 rotation for an additional $1.00 each week
*Rental of 6 diaper covers (you will launder on your own and trade in when a bigger size is needed)
*Weekly delivery of clean diapers and wipes
*Weekly removal and processing of dirty diapers and wipes

During the first week of service, please let us know if it looks like you will be running out of diapers before your next delivery. We will make a trip out to deliver more to get you through. We will increase your diaper count by 10 diapers for no charge. As your baby begins to go through less diapers each day, we will automatically adjust your diaper count so you don't have so many in your rotation. We can also customize your order with a mix of Size 1 and Size 2 as your baby is transitioning to the next size. This can be gradual or all at once. Just let us know what your needs are. 

If your needs change, simply give us a call or leave us a note when we pick up your diapers. For instance, if you need a different size or need to add something to your order. Any orders for additional items placed qualify for free delivery and will be delivered to your doorstep with your weekly service.

Replacement Fee for lost or damaged diapers is $3.00 per diaper.  All pre-paid service is non-refundable.

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Our Price: $120.00